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Stream Technologies

Privately owned, founded in 2000, Stream, with offices in London, Glasgow & Vancouver, Stream provides exceptional quality of wireless connectivity over GSM & Satellite.

Our partnering with only Tier 1 'on-mast' mobile network operators and the very best in Satellite, with whom we deeply integrate and interconnect with high capacity-low contention links, results in the most comprehensive and cost effective network services available.

We use only enterprise grade hosting centres for our network servers and fibre suppliers, meaning our overall 2G, 3G, 4G & Satellite infrastructures have been built for optimisation for a vast array and volume of connected M2M devices, wherever they are in the world.

Our mission is to consistently & technically innovate to deliver a state-of-the-art end to end wireless network service for connected devices, worldwide. Simply put – we preach Customer Service Excellence and practice Excellence through Technical Innovation.


Why Stream?

Resilient, Secure & Scalable

Customers place their trust in Stream because our network core infrastructure is resilient, secure and scalable. Redundancy is inbuilt throughout, ensuring optimal uptime for connected devices. Our technical & customer support is of the highest quality too – we get your solutions up and running with minimal delay.

Dynamic IP addressing, Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), Cell Location Based Services, 2G, 3G, 4G, Satellite options & TCP Optimisation… is standard tech-talk for us.

Stream offers multiple MNO on-mast options and Satellite connectivity via a single APN. Fully integrated with our OaSys SIM & network enablement platform and billing system – it just doesn't get much simpler or more technically savvy than this


Meet the Team


Alan Tait, Technical Manager

No matter how technically demanding our client solutions get, Alan can be relied upon to provide rarely found depth of understanding and ability. He has that rare gift to ‘talk techie’ with the best, and to explain with simplicity & clarity techie stuff to non-techies. He walks the talk too. When not developing our off-mast systems, or helping a client through a solution, Alan is likely to be found swimming, playing tennis, or traveling to obscure and sometimes exotic destinations.


Niall Strachan, Development Manager

Streams OaSys platform, billing engine and CRM wouldn’t be exemplar if it weren’t for Niall’s outstanding coding & developer skills. Niall also works with Simon, assisting and providing custom reports for customers. An enthusiast of cycling, travel and food & drink (understandably, he is a fan of Heston Blumenthal), he’s probably the most sociable of the lot of us... and that takes some doing.




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