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Development Team Lead - Glasgow

Circa £50k - Technology - IT- Management
Ref: 5236 Date Posted: Sunday 04 Feb 2018
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Part of the development team based at our Glasgow headquarters. Reporting to the Development Director.

The thing that makes your position so important is you take the lead development role in projects and provide guidance and support to all other projects. You lead a team of developers and ensuring you manage them in line with the departmental strategy to achieve our goals.

Technology stack

If your specialism is frontend development you will require the following:

  • Excellent HTML, CSS and JS. We design and develop bespoke solutions for our clients. We require developers with a firm grasp of the core skills required to build unique and engaging experiences from scratch.
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript. We use JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and ReactJS where appropriate but a sound understanding of the foundations is required.
  • Accessibility standards. We believe in building a web that is available to everyone. By default we build to AA standards.
  • Performance optimisation. We pride ourselves in building solutions that provide users with the best possible experience. We tune our solutions to ensure that they get the best out of the hardware on which they run.

If you prefer to apply your trade to the backend server side development then we require the following:

  • Excellent C# and .Net knowledge. We are a Microsoft partner and specialise in creating Enterprise solutions in the Microsoft stack. As such you will need experience in .Net MVC, Entity Framework, MSSQL, Ninject (or equivalent).
  • CMS platforms. We believe in providing our clients with the autonomy to manage their website with little to no technical support (plus it lets us concentrate on the fun stuff). We typically use one of the following CMS platforms (but experience is not essential): Umbraco, EPiServer, Sitecore.
  • Automated testing. We believe that developers are an important link in the QA process. You should be comfortable with assessing risk and developing appropriate unit tests to ensure that your solutions can be tested and retest as required.

Code Quality

  • Follow development best practice guidelines to ensure that best quality is delivered for our clients and that company process and compliance requirements are met
  • Use appropriate testing tools and/or strategies to verify that our individual and team outputs met requirements
  • Participate in (and encourage) regularly code reviews


  • Document all solutions appropriately (using code comments, README files, How-to docs and wiki pages).
  • Encourage knowledge sharing through code reviews, paired programming and solution demos

Project Contribution

  • Provide ideas and innovative solutions during brainstorming and scoping sessions
  • Question requirements. Ensure all work has a clear acceptance criteria and estimates prior to commencing work
  • Participate in project planning and reviews to provide and receive constructive feedback
  • Collaborate with colleagues to ensure client requirements and expectations are met (and exceeded)
  • Provide non-technical colleagues with support to understand areas of complexity as required

Team Contribution

  • Participate in development team meetings (and academies) to share ideas, technologies and solutions with the wider team through
  • Demonstrate your relevant work at regular tribe meetings
  • Attend tribe meetings and provide positive contribution
  • Attend and participate in client meetings as required by your tribe
  • Participate in the new business process as required
  • Research and demonstrate new and emerging technologies and approaches to the development team.


  • Help define and shape the development team best practice guidelines to ensure that our tooling and process met and exceed industry best practices
  • Foster and develop a constructive and productive working environment
  • Attend and engage in tribe leadership meetings and help coordinate activities to optimise team utilisation and profitability
  • Ensure all team members have and work towards a personal development plan
  • Schedule and conduct regular 1-2-1 meetings with your team members to track development progress and discuss performance
  • Conduct appraisal meetings with team members in line with company processes
  • Create a tiered mentoring program within the team to provide senior members with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and to ensure all team members have access to senior team member support
  • Report tribe and team performance to the Development Director on a regular basis

Personal Development

  • Work with you line manager to ensure that you have an active and relevant personal development plan
  • Ensure that you the skills you require to excel at your role are continually developed
  • Attend training courses and conferences as required
  • Attend and present at conference and events to promote and demonstrate the technical capabilities and offerings


  • Ensure all work is tracked using the approved task management tools
  • Ensure all progress and time is tracked against relevant project tasks and that time utilisation is recorded accurately and frequently
  • Ensure that you maintain prompt timekeeping in line with company core hours
  • Do all you can to deliver solutions within the agreed estimates
  • Highlight deadline or timescale concerns to your PM or team lead as soon as possible
  • Participate in the development support rota as required
  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn
  • A positive attitude
  • A keen interest in all things digital
  • Ability to mentor and lead
  • A decisive thinker
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Excellent problem solving ability
  • Strong communication skills