An Interview with Adam Hunter from Phlo

An Interview with Adam Hunter from Phlo Technologies

 1st Feb 2021



Previously Nine Twenty collaborated with Phlo with aiding to build their technology team, but this time we’ve had the pleasure of helping Adam Hunter in the recruitment of digital and design roles.

Phlo has seen phenomenal growth over the last year due to COVID-19 and has helped to have a significant impact on people's lives throughout the pandemic due to the launch of their Digital Pharmacy.

Brian from Nine Twenty Technology caught up with Adam Hunter last week to find out more about the past year, where Phlo is headed… and most importantly, finding out a bit more about him!


Hi Adam, we have previously spoken to some of your colleagues at Phlo, but this is our first time getting to know you a little bit more. How have things been the last year at Phlo?

We launched Phlo Digital Pharmacy in late 2019 as the UK’s first online pharmacy providing same-day delivery of prescriptions within a 4-hour timeslot in London empowering our patients to track their medication in real-time from our Pharmacy to their door. When we launched, we believed there was market demand for a more reliable, convenient, and patient-centered digital Pharmacy experience however we always thought that this was a “generational” business, and our model although not common today would be the future of the sector. 

Then Covid-19 happened which changed everything. It accelerated the adoption of online services across all sectors in society including Pharmacy. We always believed that once a patient had experienced the quality and convenience that Phlo offers they would not return to the old ways of accessing their medication. Covid-19 accelerated our growth in ways we could never have foreseen. I am very proud of our team for the small role we have played in helping patients access their medication during lockdown and in particular those who were shielding but still required their repeat medication. The feedback from patients has been humbling and I am delighted that we happened to have the right service at the right time to give our patients certainty and control in an otherwise uncertain time. 

We have seen our repeat monthly revenue grow from 4 figures to six figures in less than 12 months. 

We have helped thousands of patients from Guernsey to Orkney access their medication. We have grown the team from 12 people to 36 people with more people being added to the team on a monthly basis. We also launched the UK’s first crowdfunding campaign for an online Pharmacy which ended up being the 3rd largest digital health crowdfunding campaign in Europe! 

The proudest moment for me personally is how our team very quickly adapted to working remotely and ensuring our service levels and the patient experience was the best it could be in very trying circumstances. Our Pharmacy team working on the frontline and their unrelenting focus on providing amazing patient care was incredible and we are all indebted to their professionalism and dedication to the job. 



Can you tell us a little about your background, and how you came to join Phlo?

I’ve had a varied background I started my career with an international law firm as a corporate law solicitor however very early on I recognised that a legal career was not for me. So, some people call me a recovering lawyer as the skills you learn never quite leave you. I was then lucky enough to be accepted onto the SaltireFoundation Fellowship Programme with Entrepreneurial Scotland to complete an Executive MBA at Babson College in the USA. This was a gamechanger for me not only did it provide a bridge between my corporate law background and business I also had the pleasure of meeting some of the most inspiring people who have become close friends. In fact, my Phlo story starts here as I met CEO and Founder Nadeem Sarwar on the programme and we’ve remained friends ever since. 

On my return to Scotland, I joined an innovative distillery called Arbikie who had recently launched its business and was part of the senior management team helping grow the company into an international drinks business. 

Back in 2018, Nadeem asked whether I’d be interested in joining Phlo and helping him launch the business, which was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. I joined in early 2019 and I have enjoyed every minute since. 


How has the business reacted to the COVID-19 outbreak?

As a start-up, it is in our DNA to be agile and embrace the uncertainty that comes with an early-stage company. That being said no-one could have foreseen the impact of Covid-19. First and foremost, we are a healthcare business that looks after our patient’s health. I could not be prouder of how our team across all areas of the business have adapted to remote working, accelerated our roadmap to ensure our patients receive the best care possible, and reacting to opportunities to enhance the levels of service we offer our patients. In particular, our Pharmacy team has been amazing. Working under incredible pressure and in the midst of a pandemic has ensured our patients receive the service they need. Like all frontline workers, they are the real heroes of this whole experience. Our Trustpilot reviews are a testament to the hard work of everyone in the business. 


What do the next 12 months look like for Phlo? I’ve heard there are currently several roles.

2020 certainly accelerated our business and brought forward a number of strategies we may have deployed later in the business lifecycle. We are due to launch our first same-day Pharmacy service outside of London in Birmingham with more sites across England in the pipeline. We also have a number of new products/services which have never been done before in the healthcare/pharmacy sector in the UK. So, it’s a very exciting time for the business. 

As we grow our business, we need to hire more people to join our team to help us realise our product roadmap and vision for what Phlo can be. For us it's quality over quantity we want to hire the very best to help us grow Phlo and disrupt the Pharmacy sector for the better. 

Currently, we are hiring across engineering, design, and marketing. We have further roles coming up over the next few months so watch this space.


Tell us what new recruits can expect in their role?

Phlo is a very collaborative and transparent organisation. We have a diverse patient base from all walks of life and our staff reflects this diversity. As a growing start-up, it is vital that you have a “can-do” attitude and are willing to get into a whole raft of different tasks. Depending on which department you work in there are certain processes and ways of working already established however that doesn’t mean that every day is the same, in fact, each day will bring different challenges and opportunities. We are always looking to improve and develop the way we work and how we organise ourselves. Anybody who joins Phlo will have the opportunity to shape the future of this company, be part of what I believe will be one of Scotland’s great success stories and most importantly you will be helping people manage their healthcare better. 

Regardless of what department you work in there are always opportunities to contribute to other areas of the business. We encourage this type of collaboration to ensure that everything we do is as good as it can be. We never stand still and are always looking to constantly iterate and improve how we work and the services we offer to our patients. 


What is your favourite thing about working in the healthcare industry?

For me, it’s the impact Phlo has on people’s lives – taking away the stress of managing their repeat prescriptions and providing a service that is safe, secure and convenient. The highlight for me is the amazing Trustpilot reviews where patients comment about how we have helped them, their parents, Grandparents and children. Even just the “simple” things of designing a product we think works and then having that confirmed in reviews is a fantastic feeling.  


What sort of people are you looking for to join your team in the future?

The old saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is something we believe in here at Phlo. From a personal perspective I don’t care if technically you are the greatest designer since Paul Smith or the best marketeer since Steve Jobs if you don’t fit with the culture, we have worked so hard as a team to develop then there won’t be a role here for you at Phlo. The team and I can teach you the skills to develop technically, we can’t teach you how to be a good person. So, from a cultural perspective, there must be a match with our values and your ability to work with a diverse team is vital. I say it a lot, but a “can-do” attitude is so important. From a personal perspective after every interview, I ask myself a simple question: “If I were fighting in the trenches would I want this person next to me?” If the answer is no, then there is a good chance you won’t match the types of people we are looking to hire at Phlo. 


What do you like to do when you are not at the office?

Well, I suppose there is a split here between pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 life! Pre-COVID-19 – my main enjoyment in life was spending time with my family, partner and friends, exploring new places, and enjoying the amazing food and drink scene here in Scotland. For all my sins I am a Dunfermline fan, which is very much a love/hate relationship, however, I can’t wait to get back to East End Park and enjoy a matchday. I am also widely viewed as having the most consistent slice in amateur golf, which I love to do to clear my head!

COVID-19 has changed everything on that front – my partner and I are trying our best to complete Netflix and I am really enjoying having more spare time to tackle my reading list which needed some attention! I recently came across the American author David Sedaris, who is a genius! This has brought many a laughing fit during an otherwise challenging time. 


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