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Nine Twenty Believes Everyone Has Value

 30th Mar 2020



Here we go, yet another blog on the impact of COVID-19… Don’t worry though, this is much more about observations rather than rehashing what the government has said. This blog will not contain a lecture on social distancing or how to wash your hands, don’t worry!

These last few weeks have been unprecedented and have had an impact on each and every person across this country, and around the globe. We haven’t an accurate timescale of how long this will last, let alone what life will look at the other side. But, it’s in these tough times that a person’s greatest qualities can come to the surface.


Here at Nine Twenty, we are a recruitment business that specialise in securing talent among an array of other solutions for our clients. We work to grow and help drive our client’s businesses forward. However, during this tough time our industry has taken a big hit.

The industry is strife with recruitment businesses making large numbers of staff redundant, which is understandable in these tough times. Here at Nine Twenty we are lucky to recruit in industries that CAN and WILL continue to recruit through these uncertain times through alternative methods such as video.

One thing that has been great to see has been the recruiters out there who want to genuinely help. These people who have lost their own jobs, want to help others that have been hit by these tough times with career advice for no cost. In recruitment, the hard-working and resilient workforce can often get a bad name. At the end of the day, these ‘recruiters’ care about their job and providing for their families and selves – isn’t that one of the reasons why we all work?


We are only in the early stages of lockdown, and in less than a few days over half a million people have volunteered to help the NHS protect those who are vulnerable.

Individuals across numerous industries are doing their bit to help where they can. It is evident that we are in this together and there are a great number of people out there wanting to help in any way they can. People across the country are realising how important people in NHS, retail and several other industries are. They’re also realising that they themselves, have true value and can do their part by following the government's guidelines, and even other acts such as volunteering.


Here at Nine Twenty we get to observe our marketplaces from a birds-eye view – and we can see everything going on just now and hope to anticipate how things could potentially look when this is over.

If the team can help you in any way, please get in touch. As a small business, we deeply care about the clients, candidates and roles that we work with and put our passion into our work.


We could help you in several ways such as;

  • Securing talent during these times and advising on how other companies are making hires in the current climate.
  • CV advice – some people underestimate the power of a good CV. Your resume is YOU on an A4 piece of paper.
  • Linkedin Optimisation – did you know that by not following certain Linkedin techniques, you may be hindering your chances of being found by potential employers or business opportunities?

In these uncertain times, we can apply our extensive combined knowledge of the marketplace and try to truly help you in any way that we can.

As the rest of the country, we are here to help – so please get in touch if we can do anything to be of service.

Take care, and most importantly – keep safe.



Brian Fraser

Senior Account Manager


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