Digitonic and Nine Twenty: On-boarding and training through global pandemic

Digitonic & Nine Twenty: On-boarding and training through global pandemic

 25th Mar 2020



Digitonic and Nine Twenty: On-boarding and training through global pandemic

With the majority of the global workforce now working remotely, businesses are utilising digital technologies to transition their office into the new norm of the digital office.

Digital technologies have been transforming the way businesses work for years but now all businesses are having to adapt and utilise technology in order to keep moving forward. For many this is an opportunity to redefine the way we work.

While businesses have been focusing on smooth transition period for current employees, there is still another challenge of on-boarding and training staff through this pandemic.

So; Can you adapt your on-boarding and training of a new employee to the digital office? Are you confident in starting your new employee fully remote? Do you have all the tools in place?

One organisation that is powering through and setting an example is Digitonic.

This week Digitonic had their first new start for their digital office, Abigail Lowe. Abigail has joined Steven Richardson’s technology team as a Business Analyst and is Digitonic’s first ever remote hire.

I caught up with Abi and Steven, to see how they felt about the new norm of the digital office…


Here’s what Abigail had to say:

"There are few times that could be worse to start a new job than in the middle of a pandemic but Digitonic and Nine Twenty could not have been more supportive. Rachael and Harvey went above and beyond to ensure I was kept up to date in the weeks leading up to starting with Digitonic and to alleviate my concerns about if and how it would be possible to start my new role in the midst of COVID-19.

Steven ensured that I was introduced to the team and tools I would be working with and I felt like I was able to really hit the ground running and contribute to the team from day one. I was blown away by how well Digitonic had already adapted to remote working in the current climate, ensuring equipment is delivered to the team, conducting daily stand ups by video conferencing and identifying the best collaboration tools to allow us to continue working seamlessly on projects.

I am only on day three but I already feel settled and that we have everything we need to ensure we are developing exciting and innovative new products for our clients. It's incredible to see the efforts across the team to keep communication and morale high and diminish any feelings of isolation while we are all working away from our home offices, dining tables and sofas!" Abigail Lowe, Business Analyst


Here’s what Steven had to say:

“Starting a new job is always an exciting time for anyone - meeting new people, leaning new processes and validating your own abilities from new peers. However, in this uncertain time, it can produce some unwanted anxiety for new employees given the need to work from home.

Abi has been the complete opposite to that description! She has taken the whole situation in her stride, adapted very well to this isolated working from home routine and interacting with all her colleagues as though they were in the same room. She has made excellent progress in the first few days interacting with clients, performing a project kick off and organising the project team.”Steven Richardson, CTO


Digitonic and Nine Twenty have worked in partnership for 6 years and together we will continue to adapt and grow to ensure that the on-boarding and training process is efficient, effective and supportive to everyone involved.

Yes, there is still uncertainty of what is ahead but many of us are lucky to have the tools and resources to be able to continue “business as usual”.

Although, what is business as usual these days? What is it looking like now? How is your business adapting?

Digitonic have fully embraced this new way of working for the foreseeable future and it’s re-assuring to know that the new digital office is possible.


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