Nine Twenty Technology Blog | An interview with Caroline Briggs, CEO of Amici

An interview with Caroline Briggs, CEO of Amici

 2nd Sep 2019

Nine Twenty Technology is delighted to be working with Amici, the market leader in life science and biotech procurement. The Glasgow-based business is adding a .Net Developer and a UX/UI Designer to its growing team, so we caught up with CEO Caroline Briggs to find out more about life at the brand and these exciting new roles. 


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Tell us about your background, and how you came to be CEO of Amici?

I founded Amici in 2005 after working for three global Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies in Purchasing and Business Development. I loved working for large companies and learned loads, but I enjoy the excitement of a smaller environment and the ability to get things done at speed much more. I’ve learned so much since starting the business and every day presents new, and perhaps sometimes daunting challenges. In an entrepreneurial environment you have to get up to speed on new areas quickly - we have to try to make the best decisions and remain focused on what we want to achieve.

Before the world of work, I studied Forensic and Analytical Chemistry at Strathclyde University; my people skills were always better than my chemistry skills, hence the diversification into business! The chemistry occasionally comes in handy and I try to look like I understand!


Caroline Briggs, CEO of Amici


What does your role in the business entail?

I’ve really grown with the company, and at one time or another I’ve done every job in the business, except for software development! I work with the Leadership Team on the direction of the business, and I really enjoy mapping our grand plans. Today I spent some time with our Product Lifecycle Manager debating a product development strategy and roadmap. We were weighing up investments we should make in brand new innovations vs enhancements as well as assessing the priority and fit of new innovations. We then reviewed the concept to commercialisation process to agree better ways of communicating these exciting ideas to the broader team and to obtain revenue faster.

I’m also responsible for general leadership of the company and have specific responsibilities for Finance, HR and Operations.

Find out about Amici in their video


What can potential employees expect in these roles?

We’ve got lots of exciting ideas, and we’re really looking for experienced professionals who are able to see development projects through from beginning to end.  It’ll involve getting up to speed quickly with the business processes and understanding how our customers might use our software in order to design the very best solutions. We want our customers to love using our software because it’s so intuitive, and we want to transform processes that they might be undertaking.

We want to get new products and enhancements from concept to commercialisation in the most agile way, whilst delivering a robust result. The development team are a tight-knit group, who will interact with the broader business and at times our customers too.

Find out Jen from Amici as she talks about her role in the business


Can you tell us a little about what long-term career successful applicants can work towards?

Amici is a high growth company; we’re a team of 50 people at the moment. The growth of the company is intrinsically linked to the growth of the team, and we always like to promote from within whenever we can.  There are huge opportunities in the development team, and we expect to grow the team significantly.


What does the future look like for Amici?

Amici is the market leader of Biotech purchasing and operational solutions. We’re continually growing the modules we offer on our platform to provide a best-in-breed solution to our clients.


What’s your favourite thing about the industry?

There are two things I love about this industry. The first is the chance to do something life changing - we help customers who are developing or making new drugs for things like cancer. The solutions we offer provide our customers with critical time savings, so they can really focus.

The other great thing about this industry is the people, who are smart, interesting and really pleasant to deal with.


What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

I’ve got two children and they tend to keep me very busy at home.  In a rare moment to myself I love gardening - I’ve grown some massive cauliflowers and cucumbers this year!


You can find out more about the roles at Amici and apply now here:



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