Nine Twenty Technology Blog | An Interview with Dylan Devlin, Contact Centre Manager at Pastdue Credit Solutions

Dylan Devlin, Contact Centre Manager at Pastdue Credit Solutions

 19th Jun 2019

Glasgow-based business Pastdue Credit Solutions have been continually going from strength to strength.  Earlier this month they recruited 31 new Customer Service Consultants to help support their business growth and are looking to recruit a further 50 over the coming months.

We spoke to Contact Centre Manager, Dylan Devlin to find out more about his role and career path with the business. 


Dylan Devlin - Pastdue Credit Solutions


Dylan, tell us about your background, and how you came to work with Pastdue Credit.

When I left school, I went to college to do a course for the police, but it didn’t work out, as I realised that it wasn’t what I wanted to pursue as a career. I then moved into hospitality, I was just looking for anything, I needed a job.  

When the opportunity arose at Pastdue (my first real job!) it clicked with me straight away, as a young guy all you think about is money and the excellent bonus scheme was a real incentive for me. 

I loved it straight away - I was young, so I was nervous coming into an office job and not knowing anybody, but I’ve now been with the business 5 years and have never looked back.


What does your role in the business entail?

I started in customer service and now I’m responsible for our client specific teams. There are 3 Contact Centre Managers at Pastdue and I am responsible for the White Label teams – over 100 employees including managers. I always make sure I hit my targets!! 


What’s your favourite thing about your role?

I love the fact that my role is target driven and there are always opportunities to progress.  I’m also very much a people person – I love working with others and the more people I can coach, influence and develop as Team Managers the better.  It’s important for the business as we are so people focused.


How has your career journey moved forward since you came into the business?

I was on the phones for a year and then the opportunity came up for Assistant Team Manager. I’d been hitting my targets and wanted to challenge myself.  I was successful in the role and then became a Team Manager for 2 years and from there I applied for the Contact Centre Manager job! So in all, three promotions in five years! 


What’s next in your career journey?

I’m enjoying the experience of my current role. I’ve been in the position for 2 years and want to continually improve my departments performance! I’m always focused on developing and challenging myself and learning from my seniors wherever I can. 


What’s the culture like in the workplace?

It’s great – there’s a lot of focus on developing the Pastdue team, like opportunities to sit SVQs and other role specific qualifications. There is also a really high level of communication between leaders and teams which I enjoy. 


What do you look for in a hire?

For me, it’s all about a good attitude and a desire to work and learn.  We can work to upskill candidates if they listen, even if they don’t have the experience – after all, I didn’t have any experience in this industry when I first started


What opportunities have you had to progress?

There are always new opportunities here, that’s why I’ve progressed so quickly. If you put the work in it pays off. There are a number of different opportunities and I think that Pastdue really set people up for success.


What do you think the business could improve on?

I would say, through business growth continuing to focus on strong communication and change management.


Do you get involved in any of the charity events or initiatives within the office?

We run a lot of events to raise money for Marys Meals and other charities, which I like to get involved in.  I think it’s really important for team morale.


What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

I love sports, whether it’s watching or playing – especially football, and I also enjoy playing Xbox. 


Pastdue Credit Solutions are currently recruiting Customer Service Consultants to join their team, with a great starting salary, flexible shift options and benefits package on offer. You can find out more and apply now here.  


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