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Nine Twenty interview the marketing team behind Trtl

 9th Apr 2019

As part of our work at Nine Twenty Technology in helping Scottish tech start-ups to build their teams, we have been working with Trtl, creator of innovative travel products.  We recently spoke with their CEO Michael Corrigan about the business and their future plans, and this week we’ve been chatting to their marketing team, Influencer, Brand & PR Lead Cara Hunt, Visual Style Lead Justyna Kochanska and Digital Marketer Scott Lawrie.


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Hi Guys! Can you tell us a little about your background, and how you came to be part of the team at Trtl?

Cara: Hi! I’m Cara and I am the Influencer; Brand and PR Lead here at Trtl! Similar to Justyna, I have just celebrated my fifth year with Trtl as I have been with our Trtl team since the start (a team of just the four of us, including Justyna and Michael our CEO…how times flies!) It has been amazing to see our company grow from just the four of us to over 25 staff, we have even had to move office to accommodate everyone! In the early days, I have had to wear many hats, but this has allowed me to understand each role in our business and has helped myself and my team understand and grow our Influencer; Brand and PR reach.


Justyna: I’m Justyna and I’m the Visual Style Lead here at Trtl … and that’s exactly what I do! I have just celebrated my fifth year with Trtl along with Cara as I have also been with Trtl since the start (a team of just the four of us, including Cara and Michael our CEO…exciting times!) I have also had the amazing opportunity to have covered all the roles in Trtl and have had the privilege of seeing these roles grow into their own departments. This has certainly helped me with my communication and understanding of all our processes across all aspects of our business.


Scott: I joined the Trtl team just under a year ago as my background and experience is Agency and Client side. I was super excited when I saw the “Digital Marketer” role advertised as I knew that this was the job for me! I just love being part of this innovative and forward-thinking team and have Michael and our leadership team from Trtl to thank for giving me this amazing opportunity…. I have not looked back!


Trtl Marketing Team


What does your role in the business entail?

C: As Influencer, Brand and PR Team Lead, we work with brand ambassadors in respect of our Trtl brand, aswell as working closely with key influencers and press. I really enjoy the relationship building, negotiations and always having to think on my feet as no day is the same, which excites me! I have a wonderful team in Glasgow, Canada and the US, where we collaborate and bounce ideas off each other and we are so proud of the output we achieve with this daily collaboration…. what a team!


J: As Visual Style Lead here at Trt I make sure that all brand visuals are consistent throughout the Trtl’s customer’s journey: from video, graphics, photography to product colours, patterns and forecasting trends. I manage a team of talented videographers and editors, co-create marketing campaigns and consult with product designers on exciting new products.  I’m the one running around between departments constantly looking for my pen and notepad. You will also see me as part of our Facebook live duo with Jonny, who is one of our Product Designers where we introduced the launch of our Trtl Pillow Plus via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I really enjoyed and embraced this!


S: I run the Digital Marketing team, where we plan, activate and analyse our paid digital acquisition campaigns across Facebook and Google Ads platform. As we are data driven, we need to have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing and online growth. Our main deliverable is being consistently able to implement profitable marketing campaigns on all different social media platforms, which can be challenging but exciting!


Can you tell us about any of the new products that are coming out?

All: we would love to share this, but all our exciting and innovative new products are currently in various stages of design; proto-type etc so we look forward to sharing these on our launch dates during 2019. Also, as our CEO mentioned, we are involved in some exciting collaborations, so watch this space, you will not be disappointed!


What's your favourite thing about your job?

C: That every day is mad busy; exhilarating and different! I get super excited when a key influencer approaches our team to say that they love our products! I am so proud to be part of this amazing team as we are a powerhouse of talent.


J: What I love most about my job is that I get to be a part of different teams and therefore have an opportunity to learn from my fantastic and so very talented team members - they rock!


S: That every day is exciting and different! As a team, we love to innovate and are not scared to test and learn new concepts and ideas. I also like that everyone’s opinions are taking onboard and that you are able to see that you can make a direct impact.


If you’d like to find out more about Trtl, you can visit their website.

We are currently recruiting for several roles for Trtl, find out more now:


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