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An interview with Nadeem Sarwar, CEO of Phlo

 14th Mar 2019

Glasgow-based start-up Phlo have been going from strength to strength, revolutionising the use of digital technology in the health sector.  We caught up with CEO Nadeem Sarwar to find out more.


Can you tell us a little about your background, and how you came up with the idea of Phlo?

Whilst living and working in the US, I saw digital healthcare solutions in place that were streets ahead of the UK. I came home with a mission and vision; to develop technology that would integrate with the current and developing UK NHS systems, to give patients and their families more manageable control over their healthcare.

After a lot of hard work, that vision has grown to be Phlo, a digital pharmacy delivery app.

Phlo allows patients to order their NHS prescriptions through an app and schedule real time delivery of their medication at a time and place that suits them.


Phlo - Nadeem Sarwar


What does your role in the business entail?

As CEO of a start-up you need to see and set out the bigger picture, whilst managing what needs to be done across the company day to day. 

A start-up is a fast-moving machine, with many moving parts that I need to ensure all work together. 

I am building at a team at Phlo who I trust to manage each moving part of the business and demonstrate the value it plays in the company as a whole.


What are the benefits of working for a growing business like Phlo?

Working for Phlo, at this exciting start-up stage, gives each member of our team the unique opportunity to both define and own his or her role and help shape who we are as a business. No two days are the same.  

We are creating a culture of learning and building together, working towards and contributing to the delivery of a shared vision.

Phlo is being built by people who care about the difference it will make to people’s lives every day.


Can you tell us about any of the new products that are coming out?

The future of pharmacy is digital.

We are building a digital pharmacy, which includes a customer-facing app, pharmacy platform, real time delivery optimisation and back end NHS integration. 

Our product vision is one that enables patients to manage their prescriptions from the point of prescribing to the point of delivery. 

We have an exciting product and feature roadmap that will employ the benefits of digital to deliver a personal service.


Phlo - London background image


What's your favourite thing about your job?

I genuinely thrive on building a company that will make a real difference in people's lives and the variety in my day to day, from speaking at events, sprint review meetings with my team to site visits to our pharmacy hub.


Phloe - Nadeem Sarwar speaking pitch EIE

To find out more about Phlo, visit their website, or you can also follow the business on their social media channels:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Phlo are also currently recruiting for a CTO to join their growing business.  Find out more and apply now.



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