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Digital agencies...the paradox of choice?!

 20th Feb 2019

You have a choice to read this blog, right? But then again you are likely to have the choice to read 100 other blogs exploring the same topic. One drastic change in the 21st century has been the number of decisions we have to make on a daily basis. No longer is there one latte on the menu – but unlimited combinations. This is the paradox of choice.


The same could be said for Digital Agencies. In a world and marketplace where TV and press is fading, digital is an effective and highly strategic way to reach your consumer through a variety of channels, with businesses across the globe choosing digital transformation to solve their problems. Take for example last year where forecasts for advertising in the UK predicted that advertising for 2018 would account for 63.6% of total media ad spending, and that spending will increase 9.9% in 2019. This is terrifying to comprehend in a world where a couple of decades ago, digital did not even exist! Digital has, and still is, been on a triumphant rise, and this is why clients are looking to the market to find a digital agency that can take their business to the next level.


Nine Twenty Technology Digital Paradox

A client is looking to an agency for support or to shape the digital aspect of their business, and more than likely this client is suffering from ‘digital naivety’. This is where a client can get confused and be overwhelmed with what digital has the potential to do for their business. Therefore, they are also unlikely to know what agency to turn to. Digital has fascinating potential for businesses, see for example this report via The Drum’s website (Glasgow's leading provider of the latest marketing and advertising news) written by RedEye. “Online shoe retailer Footasylum used RedEye predictive analytics to identify prospects most and least likely to make their first purchase. Campaigns tailored to each group resulted in a 27.5% higher conversion rate among the most likely buyers –and a 115% sales increase among the least likely buyers.” With stats like these, it’s a no brainer why clients are seeking digital transformation and digital agencies are seeing such growth on the market.


As a recruiter getting to know my market, I was initially overwhelmed and taken aback by the sheer diversity and number of agencies out there, and only by working numerous agency roles have I begun to understand and know the market. Now imagine if you’re a candidate and you have decided to take the plunge and look for the next opportunity, the journey to your next role is probably looking like Mount Everest. Where would someone of exceptional talent start to look, in a city full of more than 50 agencies, without inside knowledge?


With so many agencies out there, the only way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market is by choosing to ‘hone and own’, a USP.  A USP for a digital agency can be so many things – and are in demand on the market by clients. An agency’s selling point might be their ability at branding and strategy, their creative transformation and output skills, their technical skills (think analytics, PPC, SEO) or it could just be traditional marketing. There are so many things an agency can be good at, and it’s important for an agency to let the market know how fabulous they are! Many businesses can ‘beat about the bush’, or a brand can be unclear about what they do, or perhaps even too general. Shout about what your agency specialises and excels in. YOU NEED TO OWN IT!


As a recruiter who works in the digital space, I have a genuine interest and passion about the market I’m working in. I 'make a living’ through finding exceptional talent for digital businesses within Glasgow. In such a dense and populated market, it can be hard for an agency to attract the right candidate. There is also the factor that the candidate can be overwhelmed with choice and what agency will be the right fit for them. In my experience, a candidate is likely to move from agency to agency when a suitable vacancy appears (as they want to stay within the ‘agency life’ and progress in their career). Instead, they could be initially aiming to find the ‘right’ agency which is tailored to their skillset – bringing out their best self.


Nine Twenty Technology Blog - Digital Paradox


In my personal approach, I love to work with a client who lets me immerse myself into their company and ethos. This way I can find your next appointment through my wealth of knowledge and passion for my client's business. One example of this is our exclusive partner at Nine Twenty, Fore. We work closely with the hiring managers at Fore, where I can sometimes become one of the most received calls on their phone (much to their dismay, I bet!). Through this close and clear relationship, we make the recruitment process swift for those involved. I understand their business, their team and recruiting for this organisation is a pleasure for myself, with candidates receiving full transparency on what they will get out of a career with Fore. Through this excellent partnership we have managed to build a team of exceptional calibre to aid their yearly business growth far, with 2019 shaping up to be a year of exciting achievements for the business.

In this game, relationships are KEY.

The central belt is an extremely exciting place to be in the technology market, only last June reports informed us that digital jobs in Scotland hit 48,448 last year, up 8 per cent on 2016. As they say, the core to any successful business is having employees who are empowered. This can only be achieved by choosing the right team, rather than rushing into a hire. This is where I work tenaciously to find you the right fit in terms of skills, talents and loyalty, rather than just another warm body on a chair. Candidates are after more than a role to pay the bills, and in the last few months it’s became apparent that the work/life balance and culture (flexible & remote working) is an important factor to them who are considering joining a digital agency. It’s a growing market and some digital agencies in Glasgow are doing some extremely exciting things to push boundaries. By being innovative and caring for their teams, these businesses will see a bright future in a flourishing market.


What are your opinions on digital agencies across the Central Belt? It’s an exciting market full of exciting personalities, so I’d love to hear your thoughts! I'm excited to see what happens in this market in 2019, and as a recruiter who is still learning every day, I’d love to get in touch with those in the digital market and hear your ideas over a coffee.

Brian Fraser


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