Free 5-Week Training- Intensive Digital Transformation Programme

Free 5-Week Training- Intensive Digital Transformation Programme

 1st Feb 2019

​Funded by Digital Scotland and Skills Development Scotland

Free 5-Week Training- Intensive Digital Transformation Programme

11 th Feb – 18 th March

4-day week classroom training.

Nine Twenty & This is Milk are offering a FREE intensive training programme for current (or those looking to become) business analysts, digital strategists, service designers, user researchers, system analysts and project managers, who want to learn, improve and enhance their prospects by gaining valuable and in-demand digital transformation skills. Graduates also welcome to apply.


The programme is designed to provide the skills required to adapt to change, facilitate digital projects, and excel in careers such as:

Business Analysis

Product Management

Service Design

Digital Planning

User Research Strategy


It really doesn’t matter what the job is called, it’s having the right skills for the future that really counts, such as:

Creativity - ability to build something out of ideas

Critical thinking - turn data into insightful interpretations

Facilitation skills - communicating and collaborating

Judgement - decision making in uncertainty

Customer centricity - offering real value to customers through empathy

Curiosity - being up to date with recent trends


This five week, fully funded course will deliver all those skills and more:  

15 days of expert classroom training (Mon-Fri)

Mid Feb – Mid March

Taught and developed by industry leaders and specialists

Personal learning plan focussing on soft skills development

Personal mentor for 6 months

Empower ownership and development of personal career paths

Mixed cohorts

Evening events

A unique teaching and learning approach developed to promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication

The 4 key areas covered will be:

Tools to Understand your Customer and Your Project

Facilitation, Self-development and Soft Skills

Projects and Context

Technology & Trends Variables


Enhance business transformation skills

Enhance working knowledge of digital projects

Enhance career development and personal skills

Build on existing skills from another discipline

Course work based on industry need

Learn the skills needed to succeed in digital projects

This pilot programme is funded by Digital Scotland and Skills Development Scotland.

To apply please click here


Are you planning on running any more of these courses?
Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019 10:41 by Ashley douglas
Hi there, I'd very much like to apply for/attend the Instensive Digital Transformation programme. I've recently started in a more Strategy focused role and I've been searching for the right kind of source to get this very information. No one else in my organisation does a similar job so I would be very grateful of the opportunity to be able to get some kind of role specific mentoring from someone with experience in this area. Kind regards, Paul
Posted on Tuesday, February 05, 2019 10:09 by Paul Coffield
Hi there, My name is Francisco and I am really interesting in applying for this 5 weeks intensive programme. For some reason the link that you left above to click if we want to apply for the programme doesn't seem to work, it has a 404 error when I try to load the page, Kind Regards, Francisco
Posted on Sunday, February 03, 2019 23:37 by Francisco

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