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Nine Twenty Technology partners with Fore Digital

 6th Sep 2018

Here at Nine Twenty Technology we’re really excited and proud to announce our exclusive recruitment partnership with Fore Digital, helping them to grow their brand with the help of our key recruiting service.  We caught up with founder Stuart Stott to find out more about the brand and their future plans.


Fore Digital partner with Nine Twenty Technology


Stuart, can you tell us about the background to Fore and how you got started?

I have a background in the marketing and media industry, and have always hated people telling me that my ideas were not possible. I decided to start Fore to show people that any idea can be brought to the market. Fore is focused on building through innovation to bring these marketing ideas to life.


Stuart Stott - Fore Digital


What’s your vision for the brand?

Growth – and not simply in a vertical sense, as we know that the landscape is constantly changing. In general terms, we will look to double the size of the company over the next 12 months. After that we aim to secure our place as a thought leader both at home and abroad.


How have things progressed in 2018?

It’s been an incredible year so far. We are currently on track to treble our previous turnover, our team has grown, and we’ve expanded our client list substantially, which includes some phenomenal brands.


Tell us about your new office move?

Due to the rate of growth we are experiencing, we have secured a 7,000 sq. ft. space that will be ready for us in the new year. It will be a blend of function and form, somewhere that breeds creativity, whilst having a comprehensive suite of kit and studio space to allow us to go from strength to strength.


How are you looking to grow your team?

We need people that are bursting with ideas. It could be a fascination with problem solving, or someone who has the ability to generate amazing story concepts. The one thing we all have in common at Fore is the ability to innovate, we’re looking to ensure that continues as more people come on board. Nine Twenty are key to helping us on this journey.


Why did you want to partner with Nine Twenty Technology for your recruitment?

We know the guys at Nine Twenty Technology very well due to a number of previous collaborations. They have a similar ethos in terms of leaving no stone unturned when it comes to delivery. They’ve also played a major role in introducing us to some key players who are helping shape our future. Their approach is ideal, as they get under the skin of the organisation - that means they get a better understanding of finding the right fit for us with candidates.


What’s coming up next that’s got you and the team excited?

We have some amazing concepts that we are getting ready to unleash. A few projects are almost at completion, delivering some interactive technology that is unlike anything else the market here has seen. The thing that’s most exciting is the idea that only part of our pathway is defined. The key technologies and platforms of the future probably don’t exist at the moment. We’re excited about the opportunity to keep creating.


What’s the best thing about being part of the Fore team?

We have an awesome team. Everyone knows they have a platform here where they can be creative, their voice will be heard, and that imagination is a valuable resource. There is a great energy to the team, and there’s a commitment to collaboration which brings about some amazing results.


And finally – are you planning to recruit more office dogs as well as people?

Absolutely! We’re looking to double the team in the next year as well as double the dog population.


Find out more about the roles available now at Fore Digital on their Recruitment Page.


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