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nooQ - a gamechanger in corporate communication

 15th Feb 2018

nooQ is an award-winning corporate communication platform, based in Glasgow. We caught up with CEO Graeme Bodys to find out more about the business and how they are transforming workplace communication.


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What does nooQ do?

nooQ is a completely new way to communicate at work. nooQ is the award-winning corporate communication platform designed to filter data visually using innovative ‘volume’ controls.

Our cloud software application is designed to solve information overload.

Every second of every day, you're bombarded with emails, messages, notifications, reminders and more...

Who's really in control? Your current inbox is everyone else's priorities for you.


nooQ - linear visual diagram


That's why we created....nooQ.

nooQ lets you take control, so you spend less time reading and replying, and more time actually doing your job. nooQ lets you focus on what you are interested in . You can turn people and subjects up, turn them down and even mute. We also alert you to things you are missing out on and things you should be focussed on. nooQ allows you and your business to concentrate and innovate, increase business productivity, growth & improve team collaboration.


What drove you to found the business?

Having worked all over Europe, Silicon Valley and USA I noticed that, no matter what sector, industry or company, everyone wasted huge amounts of time on email and meetings. It was strange to me, that people are merely doing all the processing of email. Everyone reads every email, then decides if it is important or relevant. This was backed up by McKinsey research saying people spend 28% of their day on email, 33% looking for answers, expertise and decisions and only 39% doing their actual job.

I believe this way of communicating is broken, hugely ineffective and we need a new way. More than ever, people are aware of information overload from constant notifications, email and applications. This situation is not going to get any better! I want to change that.

So I decided to create a visual application that helps everyone decide what’s important right now. Make it visual, with artificial intelligence to do all the processing for you. An application that puts you in control of what important information you want to see, focus on your priorities and not spending most of your time reading irrelevant messages.


What makes your brand stand out in the sector?

The big players, Microsoft, Slack, Facebook, Atlassian & Salesforce have all gone for a WhatsApp style chat or a Facebook style application. This is fine for very small groups, but gets even more noisy than email when you get beyond 20-30 people.

Our brand stands out because we are the only visual application in this space. We beat these styles of applications to win every single product award at Socialnow, two years running beating billion dollar companies such as IBM, Atlassian, MangoApps and Sitrion

Not only is our user interface visually unique, we have machine learning algorithms automatically sorting, filtering and recommending what you should be focussed on and missing out on.


nooQ - Visual UI Diagram


Having a fresh, bold, innovative new player in this market is very exciting from a brand point of view. Who doesn’t want to turn the volume up or down on their colleagues? Well now you can just nooQ them.



Can you tell us about any of the projects you’re working on at the moment?

We are currently working with several universities on creating innovation communities with external commercial partners. We are seeing a trend within law and property firms on being more productive with their time, communicating across silos. We are also collaborating with several consulting and marketing agencies that need a secure and efficient project space to share documents, files and conversations with external clients. People are now recognising the failings of chat style or Facebook style apps and this is where nooQ’s superior visual solution for not being overloaded comes into its own.


What does the future hold for the business?

The immediate future is about closing our investment round and officially launching nooQ v2, which we have completely re-written and is very exciting to witnessing the public reaction. This year will also see us launch native mobile apps and more integrations especially for Office 365.

We’ve had amazing feedback from customers, industry experts and investors who all believe in our approach and even some that say nooQ brings bold and sexy to enterprise software. Having the most innovative product on the market, and having seen how it's done in Silicon Valley, I know we have the talent in Scotland and nooQ to show it can be done from a small company outside the US.

Our long-term goal is to continue to improve & build and grow an innovative award winning software company, based in Scotland focussed on solving information overload.

If you'd like to find out more about nooQ, you can visit their website now.



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