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Beat the January Blues with a New Year career move!

 14th Nov 2017

Planning on job-hunting in January? Rachael Baxter tells us why now is the time to get moving for a new career in 2018.


It’s still nearly six weeks till Christmas, but are you already dreading the January blues? It’s no coincidence that many see January as the most depressing month of the year (skint, back on Weight Watchers and given up drinking, anyone?), but if you’re stuck in the wrong job and dreaming of a career move, it’s infinitely worse.


Nine Twenty Technology - January Blues

Do you usually spend January trying to hibernate?  


So why wait until 2018 to make that New Year, New Job resolution? Start thinking about updating your CV in January, and realistically it could be March or April before you get started in your new dream job. Do you really want to wait that long?


Here at Nine Twenty, we say now is the optimal time to kickstart your job hunt. Don’t dread going back to work in 2018 when instead you could be taking the next exciting step in your career!


Nine Twenty Technology - Xmas List for a New Role!

Are you on Santa's list for a new job this year?


Not convinced? Here’s why we think you should start applying now:

  • You can get a head start on everyone else who waits until January to start applying for jobs – meaning you might just get your foot in the door first
  • You’ll start 2018 as your mean to go on – working towards what might just be the job of your dreams
  • You’ll stay in good spirits – imagine how great Christmas will be when you can tell everyone about your brand new role (which hopefully has a pay rise to match – the drinks are on you!)
  • It’s something to look forward to after Christmas, even if you are on a diet and a spending ban
  • Starting a job hunt in January is often waylaid by other resolutions or lack of motivation


Have we convinced you yet? Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you start 2018 with a brand-new career. Or pop into our office for a mince pie and a chat!

You can contact Rachael at or on 0141 231 1260.



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