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The Digital Platform – Cyber Security Meetup

 13th Nov 2017

Last week we welcomed industry professionals and business owners to the latest in our Digital Platform series, focusing on Cyber Security.  Hosted in conjunction with Big Partnership and Glasgow Caledonian University, the event was also an opportunity for GCU students to find out more about working in the industry.


Glasgow Caledonian University - Nine Twenty Technology Digital Platform


It’s certainly a hot topic at present as SMEs are more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks, and just last week the Scottish Government announced their Public Sector Action Plan on Cyber Resilience. We were delighted to welcome three special guest speakers from some of Scotland’s leading businesses in the sector to share their thoughts and advice.


Cary Hendricks, Global Operations Director at ID Cyber Solutions was first up, and talked us through some of the most common ways both businesses and members of the public can be hacked. Cary introduced us to the concept of social engineering – the art of convincing people to reveal confidential information, and revealed that the largest amount ever stolen in one go was a massive $40 million (we wouldn’t want to be the employee who signed that off!)


Cary Hendricks - ID Cyber Solutions


Cary also demonstrated a fascinating live hack, proving how easy it is to clone a digital banking website or email login to steal consumer data, and showing just how at-risk our personal data can be. It was certainly a thought-provoking piece. 


Next up, Stuart McDonald, Managing Director from Seric Systems, talked us through the finer points of GDPR. A headache for many, GDPR comes into force from May 2018 and many businesses are still unsure how to comply. Stuart reminded us to look on the positive side of the regulation and use the opportunity to be a better business by putting clear strategy in place.


Stuart McDonald - Seric Systems


Finally, we heard from Graeme Gordon, CEO of managed services and network provider IFB and Chairman of ScotlandIS. Graeme certainly gave us plenty to think about, listing the many technology devices we currently use in our homes which can be opportunities for hackers, and questioning whether we put as much emphasis on locking and safeguarding our technical and mobile properties as we do our physical homes. 


Graeme Gordon - IFB


The evening certainly gave pause for thought for both students and businesses alike as we consider how safe our devices, homes and business assets really are from cyber attacks and crime.


One final thought from the night – did you know that a completely random 14-digit password can be hacked in just 40 seconds? Makes us think twice about those family pet name passwords…


A huge thanks to Cary Hendricks, Stuart McDonald and Graeme Gordon for joining us, and to Big Partnership and Glasgow Caledonian University for co-hosting. Details of our next event will be announced shortly, so follow us on Facebook for the latest info.


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