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Industry Leader Jac Vapour launch new website

 25th Sep 2017

The team at Jac Vapour have been busy – they’ve launched a brand new e-commerce website and are in the middle of the Stoptober campaign.

Chris Lowden spoke to CEO Neil McCallum about his role in the brand and their future plans.

Jac Vapour Logo

Neil, can you give us a quick intro to JAC Vapour?


Back in 2010, Andrew Logan identified the opportunity to develop a vaping product that really is an alternative to smoking, and from there Jac Vapour was born.  


We’re proud to say we design all our own devices and have our own range of e-liquids, this allows us to control the full end-to-end process.  We also launch several new products each year and sell online, and via retail and wholesale internationally.


Our company mission is to be the brand of choice, and we’ve been critically acclaimed by publications such as Gizmodo and GQ Magazine.  We operate in a post-Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) World where vaping is a real alternative to smoking, and the fact that the Institute of Physicians and NHS England now state it is 95% safer than smoking is testament to this point.


Why did you join JAC Vapour?


I was a vaper prior to joining the brand.  I understood the benefits of vaping over smoking, and I still feel the benefits daily. When I was introduced to JAC I immediately identified that the products are high quality, designed as an extension of self, and had great potential to target an untapped area of the market.


The products really are absolutely corkers, which is the hardest part in developing any business! Products are not our challenge -  our aim is increasing sales and developing our brand.


Aside from all that, I really wanted to be involved with the brand and work with a team of nice people to fulfil its obvious potential.


Jac Vapour CEO Neil McCallum

CEO Neil McCallum at work with his team


How do you differentiate from your competitors?


Style, quality, warranty, and traceability are key. As we control all the processes we will not allow any product that does not comply with our values. We believe in our mission to get people away from continuing to smoke, and our work with Government, NHS Cessation Services and Trade Associations is testament to this. We’re also currently promoting the Stoptober campaign.


What have you been focusing on this year?


Throughout the year, we’ve had several key plans that we’ve been working through, including growing the business by a minimum of 50%, launching new products and opening new retail locations. We also recently launched our new e-commerce website which we’re really proud of!


So why should people work at JAC Vapour?


Our market is huge, and growing at over 20% per annum. Our strategy is about working hard, getting things done and moving quickly – there’s no long chain of command or huge hierarchy.  We’re a fast-growing brand with innovative products, so there’s huge scope to really make your mark!

Plus, it’s a really fun team to be a part of…


Want to know more? Check out JAC Vapour’s brand new website here, or get involved with Stoptober.


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