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A Dedication for Development – Career Opportunities at Digitonic

 1st Sep 2017

We speak to Digitonic’s newest recruit, Software Development Lead Steven Richardson, about joining the team and the current vacancies in the business.


Steven Richardson at Digitonic


Steven, you’re still fairly new to Digitonic, how have your first few months been?


It has been really good, and a real change in pace compared to my last position where I lead multiple teams across many large-scale enterprise ecommerce applications with Magento. At Digitonic I’ve only got one team to look after.

I’ve also learned a lot in the last few months, something that has been refreshing yet challenging. Digitonic have extremely innovative products and it’s an exciting time to be part of the team.


What is it like to work to Digitonic, can you tell us a little about the company culture?


We have an open office, split between the marketing and development departments. There’s a Sonos in the office with a shared Spotify premium account, and it’s refreshing to have nonstop background music.

Everyone is so friendly and gets along well, so I’m really looking forward to the first social event.


What attracted you to the business?


The technology and the challenge. I’ve been working with Magento for the last 8 years, during which I worked on dozens of large scale enterprise ecommerce sites and met just about every challenge that industry and framework can throw at me.

I’ve always experimented with and built personal projects in Laravel, in fact, I probably done more coding in Laravel in the last 12 months that I did in Magento. When I heard Digitonic were primarily Laravel based projects, I got really excited!


Digitonic are currently recruiting, what areas do you need staff?


While we are mobile marketing pioneers, our technology stack of PHP (Laravel & Symfony) is at the heart of everything that we do. However we aren’t focused solely Laravel or Symfony developers; we’re also looking for passionate software engineers that are comfortable working within the industry standards using the latest techniques, and can learn new technologies fast.

While the applications we build are written in PHP, we have additional services that use some obscure technologies like SMPP and Kannel (SMS based products). We don’t expect to find or hire anyone with these skills as it’s quite a niche area, however we’d like someone eager to learn who can pick up the new technologies quickly.


What can potential employees expect in these roles?


Anyone who joins Digitonic can expect a fast-paced environment that’s technically challenging. There’s also a level of technical freedom. We’ve got many projects in the pipeline, all with different and unique challenges. Potential employees will have the chance to give technical input to the architectural design and development of these projects.

Any fan of APIs would also love Digitonic’s approach to API first design.


What would make someone successful in this team?


Anyone who is passionate about what they do, can think on their feet and handle the relaxed but fast-paced environment would fit in perfectly.

A lecturer at University once told me - “You don’t need to know everything, but you need to know where to look for the answers”.

I still follow this ethos today! It’s not about how much knowledge one person has that would determine the success of their career, it’s about the passion and drive to learn that will make them a success.


Can you tell us a little about what long term career successful applicants can work towards?


During this initial growth stage for Digitonic, we are looking to hire two mid-level PHP developers to work on our expanding product range. Some of these products have large enterprise clients that would drive further expansion and migration of multiple project teams. 

This would require multiple Technical Team Leads to take charge and own multiple products within the company. It’s the perfect time for career-driven developers with an eye on a management role to join us.


Finally, Digitonic is a very sociable bunch! What’s your drink of the night?


It depends on the occasion!  I enjoy a beer on most social gatherings, probably a Heverlee or an Amstel, but my go to drink would be a spice rum like a Bacardi Oakheart.  Mind you, I won’t say no to a single malt either…


If Digitonic sounds like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, get in touch with Rachael Baxter at or call  0141 231 1260 to find out more.


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